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TogafOur newest ARIS release – ARIS 9 and later – has successfully run through the TOGAF tool certification process of The Open Group. ARIS met all requirements of the Open Group. This means, that enterprise architects can comprehensively design and implement a holistic TOGAF based Enterprise Architecture adoption supported by ARIS.

What does the TOGAF framework delivers for Enterprise Architects? The Enterprise Architecture framework TOGAF 9 describes the deliverables that EA initiatives should produce and also the working steps which are needed to achieve these results. The world’s most-used framework gives a kind of a best-practice guide how EA practice managers should organize their daily work in order to achieve their objectives.

Your benefits using TOGAF with ARIS:

  • Using TOGAF means using the most widespread EA Framework
  • ARIS delivers smart technology to implement this framework in your company
  • ARIS supports architecture development initiatives at every phase of TOGAF Architecture Development Method and creation and visualization of viewpoints of TOGAF Architecture Content Framework
  • Software AG employs worldwide certified TOGAF practitioners with strong industry, method and technology expertise
  • Read more: ARIS for TOGAF® and ARIS for ArchiMate® Fact Sheet

Stay tuned: ARIS 9.6 will come with completely revised TOGAF reference databases and filters!

*ArchiMate and TOGAF are registered trademarks of The Open Group.

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