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A few months ago, we started rethinking our ARIS trainings since we got your feedback of being to academic and focusing to much on in-class trainings instead of online offerings. We came up with a completely new structure which is easy to consume and new state of the art.

The best thing about it: you have no travel and no costs but get everything you need to know in our on-demand e-learnings. Choose the trainings that fit to your personal needs, according to your schedule and preferences, whenever and wherever it fits you:

A video lies between 1:30 minutes up to 8 minutes (e.g. for our GRC topics) and is free of charge to anybody. The new structure covers different levels, e.g. from the basics of business process modeling methods to business process analysis with standard reports or queries. You can watch the videos in any order and as you like, but they are sorted according to a learning path and recommended to be watched in the order shown.

We are developing essential trainings for each ARIS user type:

  1. Essential Training – Viewer
  2. Essential Training – Viewer Pro
  3. Essential Training – Designer
  4. Essential Training – Admin

Each one of these will consist of 3 parts/ 3 books that are included:

  • Part I -  ARIS Intro Videos & Functions & Feature Demos
  • Part II - all basics in curriculum led e-learning (for self study)
  • Part III - more advanced topics in e-learning

ARIS Intro Videos (in Part I), are targeted to give first insight into capabilities, but also give some background knowledge to what and why. They are meant to enable first steps and pass on knowledge, intended as self-enablement, giving background information as well as tool information.

The first parts are already live and the next e-learnings (e.g. feature & function demos to complement ARIS intro videos or ARIS modelling and admin trainings) will follow continuously in the upcoming months.

We hope you like this new approach and are looking forward to your feedback.