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Within the last few months, Covid19 changed the way we work and collaborate with our colleagues: emails instead of letter post, virtual meetings instead of business trips and jogging pants instead of suits – this is how the new normal looks like for most of us since beginning of this year.

If you need a break from social distancing, face masks and homeoffice, this ARIS Community Contest is for you: we are looking for YOUR process that somehow reflects your work life with Corona.

We! Want! Your! Process! No matter if it’s a funny process or essential for the survival of your business, send us your process and enter the competition. The simplier – the better!

The only requirements are:

  • The process (BPMN or EPC) has to relate to work life and Corona.
  • It needs to fit on a coffee mug. 

And now you can imagine how the prize for this competition will look like…  It’s your chance to have hundreds of coffee mugs with your process distributed in the world!

Got an idea? Send us your process (or a picture of it) as a comment to this post or via email to Deadline for submissions is October 1st, 2020.

If you need the right tool, you can start right now and get ARIS for free.

The stage is yours, I am very excited about your submissions!