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New year, new ideas! We recently launched our new Ideas Portal as the new place for all our customers, partners, and fellow ARIS users across the globe to easily share their ideas and help us improve ARIS for you.

Now it’s your turn to share your ideas and continuously make ARIS better:

  • Add ideas for improvement,
  • browse through recent, trending, and popular ideas,
  • give your feedback and vote on the existing ones,
  • pin ideas to put a spotlight on specific suggestions and encourage others to add more comments.

What’s in for you? Submitting an idea or potential innovation has never been easier! Anyone can share an idea at any time: Simply describe your idea, add your e-mail address and it's live!

Once you have submitted an idea, we’ll continuously keep you informed of its progress, notifying when the status of your idea changes, a product manager gives a response, or a new comment is added. The fresh layout with statuses (such as "this idea already exists" or "planned”) combined with tags help you see how peers and ARIS experts receive ideas and how they eventually move forward into ARIS.

Our new portal will replace the existing Brainstorm portal. No worries, though - your existing ideas are not gone, we will migrate the following entries from Brainstorm:

  • All highly voted ideas from the past with more than 5 votes - concluded
  • All recent ideas from January 2019 on with more than 3 votes – concluded
  • All recent ideas from January 2019, independently of number of votes - ongoing

See for yourself how easy it is to share your ideas and help make ARIS even better on

ARIS - Share your ideas

Any questions? Feel free to comment this post or get in touch with us.

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