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As announced, we launched our new ideas portal for ARIS beginning of January 2022. Here you'll find quick answers to frequently asked questions around our new portal.

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  • What is the Aha! Ideas Portal? 
    A modern touchpoint for internal and external customers, where one can share ideas & requirements towards the roadmap of ARIS. It replaces the platform Brainstorm and was introduced via the ARIS Community and the ARIS monthly newsletters (ARIS News) of Dec. 21 and Jan. 22. 
  • How can I access the ARIS Ideas Portal? 
    There are 2 ways to access it: 

  • What happened to the previous platform, called Brainstorm? 
    Brainstorm has been phased out in Jan. 22. It is still accessible (internally), but new feature requests cannot be placed – make sure to share your ideas on the new ARIS Ideas Portal. 

  • What happened to the feature requests made on Brainstorm? Are they gone? 
    A great portion of feature requests was already migrated into the new ARIS Ideas Portal – and some more will be migrated in the coming weeks. 

  • Which feature requests from Brainstorm have been/will be migrated into the ARIS Ideas Portal? 
    Feature requests with more than 5 votes from any point of time have already been migrated, as well as those from 2019 onward with more than 3 votes. In Feb. 22, all feature requests from 2019 onwards will be migrated, concluding the migration. 

  • How can I find my feature request from Brainstorm in the ARIS Ideas Portal? 
    You can simply use the search, entering the Brainstorm ID of your feature request. If it has been migrated, you will find it and be able to continue to follow it. 

  • I noticed that attachments from Brainstorm feature requests have not been migrated. Is that so? 
    Attachments were kept out of the migration plan due to technical limitations. For now, there is no plan to migrate attachments. One can always revisit an idea and add content via comments, though. 

  • How and when will the ARIS PM Team review ideas that were shared in the ARIS Ideas Portal? 
    Ideas are periodically reviewed, and valid ideas are considered for future releases during planning cycles. Idea’s creators and watchers will get updates via e-mail - unless unsubscribed from them. 

  • How can I share my ideas? Do I need to create or request an account? 
    There is no need to create/request an account before sharing an idea, one can simply select a workspace for the idea, type in the idea’s name and details and use their e-mail address. 
    Done, you have shared your idea – thank you! 

  • I have posted an idea, but others seem to not be able to see it. Why? 
    All news ideas are visible only to the creator of the idea. Once it has been reviewed by an ARIS PM, it will receive a status update and can be turned into a public ideal, visible to everyone, a private idea, visible to selected users or remain private.  

  • What happens to an idea after it has been reviewed? 
    Initially, it receives a status update, which can be: “Future consideration”, “Already exists” or “Will not implement”. When an idea is promoted to a feature (for a release or the planning backlog), the status is set to “Planned”. Once implemented the status of an idea is set to “Shipped”. All statuses are color-coded and can also be used a filter in the ARIS Ideas Portal. 

  • How do I get informed of updates on my idea(s) or idea(s) I am watching? 
    Either via e-mail or simply checking your ideas in the ARIS Ideas Portal – where you find on the left-hand side a filter for ideas you created and one for ideas you voted for. 

We are looking forward to your ideas on how to make ARIS even better! We will update this FAQ if we see more questions coming in frequently.