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Over the last decades, we established a worldwide network of trusted ARIS partners across the globe. We are very proud of our reliable partner ecosystem with more than one hundred ARIS partners worldwide who enhance our software with their local expertise, consulting services, and innovative solutions.

The time has come to shine a light on some of our trusted ARIS partners: in our first ARIS partner spotlight, we introduce our long-term partnership with… (*drum roll please*): Findmore Digital.

With over 15 years of experience, Findmore helps companies in their digital transformation journey. As experts on organizational digital transformation, they acquired a solid reputation in complex IT and business project management. Their multidisciplinary team in Europe and Middle East offer world class projects moving their customers to modern IT solutions, which offer the speed and agility necessary to tackle the challenges of today’s markets.  

Built on a strong foundation, Findmore’s proven and mature solutions help our customers to make the most of their project. Browse through the list of their solutions in the ARIS Hub to see what Findmore can do for you!

Believe me when I say that Manuel Chaves, Managing Director at Findmore, is passionate about ARIS. I had the chance to interview Manuel about our partnership and I fully agree to his words:   

“The world has changed from a predictable and repetitive mode to a constant change one. This makes the need to master the processes and to be fast/agile adapting them even more mission critical for every customer than before!

Findmore has been bringing all these best practices and innovation to customers in Europe, Middle East and, more recently, LATAM hand by hand with Software AG for the last 15 years. The innovation and knowledge that partnering with Software AG brings to Findmore, and it´s customers, is crucial for our success and continuous growth globally.

We truly feel like and extension from Software AG ARIS team and part of the family!”

For those who know them well, it’s no surprise that Software AG has awarded Findmore Digital as world Market Excellence Partner of the year and shows they are a global reach trustful SI with startup mentality.

Check our Findmore's ARIS Community partner profile, watch our video there to learn more about Findmore & Software AG in 60 seconds - and if you have a project you would like to discuss then feel free to get in contact with Manuel. You won’t regret talking to him!