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This month, we will be celebrating 30 years of ARIS and it’s my pleasure to announce this ARIS partner of the month who is also being honored for more than 25 years of experience with ARIS: iMendos.

iMendos is a key partner and we at Software AG strongly value the benefits this team of experienced practitioners provides for our clients in the BeLux region. With all their experience, this is personable team is delivering loads of know-how in all aspects of business process management and transformational change. If you are looking for a process transformation or Enterprise Architecture project they are the right ones to talk to. They are looking at process management from every perspective - strategy, people, IT - and provide the structure and processes for implementing an organization’s businesses strategy or an IT transformation. 

This is what Tanguy Petre, CEO at iMendos, values about our partnership:

“I have been working for more than 25 years with ARIS and the team behind it, which has been and continues to be a great journey. There is a genuine feeling of being part of a “big family”. iMendos is building value added services and solutions on top of the ARIS Suite. Our latest collaboration with Software AG being the ARIS App Generator, a low code application deployment on top of ARIS. Software AG is providing lots of support, helping us to achieve success in our target markets and this is a great feeling!”

Feel free to contact the team directly if you want to learn more about the ARIS App generator or find more information about iMendos' solutions in our ARIS Hub. I can tell you it's always a pleasure talking to them!