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Growing a business and establishing a product like ARIS for more than 30 years isn’t a one-person job, neither a one-company job. If you want your organization to be successful, you need a strong team and the right business partnerships to drive sustainable value.

That’s the reason why rely on ARIS partners – such as Consulta Business and Technology Consulting. Based in Turkey, Consulta is focusing on the EMEA region and a trustful partner when it comes to all projects and questions around ARIS – from installation, integration or migration to process modeling, process mining, simulation, process governance and training services in ARIS.

For more than a decade, Consulta supports ARIS customers in their journey toward digital transformation and to help them offer more effective and efficient services, helping them navigate challenging situations or giving insights to improve their business.

Read how Erkan Yaprak, Director of Digital and Analytics at Consulta, cherishes our partnership:

“Whether it is documented or not, every company has a strategy. However, in today's organizations where most of the strategies are not successfully implemented, we, as Consulta, have been managing digital transformation projects that enable companies to link their operations with their strategies. On this road, our cooperation with Software AG for 10+ years and the unique capabilities of ARIS give us a great advantage. While providing technical consultancy services in installation, integration, migration, we also focus on Process Modeling, Process Mining, Simulation, Process Governance and Training services in ARIS with a high-skilled business consultancy team consisting of 20+ process-obsessed business consultants and thought leaders.

Thanks to our more than 25+ clients in the EMEA region including Garanti BBVA from Turkey and Ooredoo from Qatar, we could successfully built a unique experience combining strategy consultancy, process and technical expertise.

Consulta relies on team members built of different cultures with industry and subject expertise, following a result-oriented approach that will add value to their customers. The technical knowledge and project experience combined with flexibility and close cooperation with their customers form the basis of their consultancy understanding.

Consulta is enhancing ARIS with additional solutions, for example in the area of ARIS Process Mining with order-to-delivery or loan application in retail banking. Browse through the list of their solutions in the ARIS Hub to see what Consulta can do for you!