I have a Jave script that creates a definition copy of an object then places occurrence copies in various models. I would like to be able to change the placement of an attribute for a specific occurrence copy without affecting the other copies.  My test code is below. var object_occ at the end of the script should contain the occurrence copy of the object. How do I specifically select the attribute and set the postition of the attribute relartive to the object occurence; again, without affecting the other occurrences? Thanks in advance for your help! 

// Get a selected model
var m = models[0];
// Object definitions are placed in at the group level so get the group ID of the selected model
var grp = m.Group();
// Set placement of the occurance copy on the canvas
var x = 150;
var y = 50;
// Specfiy the object number
var obj = 22
// Specify the symbol to use. Must be a valid symbol for the object. Look this up in the ARIS-> Admin -> Symbols table
var symbol = 335
// Create the definition copy
var j = grp.CreateObjDef(obj, "Created Object", nloc);
// Populate the attribure values as needed
j.Attribute(Constants.AT_NAME, nloc).setValue("Create_Object_Name");
j.Attribute(Constants.AT_DESC, nloc).setValue("This is a test of the text");
// Create an occurrence copy of the object in the model at the specified coordinates. The 'true' boolean indicates use the default attribute position.
var object_occ = m.createObjOcc(symbol, j, x, y, true);

Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Report Scripting javascript