I am looking for a tool that does business process simulation.  When I view the ARIS 9 videos, I see the simulation ability and it looks promising. I did have a couple of questions though...

  1. Can you add in your own custom values to be collected during the simulation?  For instance, I would like to add in a variable for cost of a product.  Based on the simulation, I want to be able to see the product cost at the end of every run.  Some paths through the flow could produce a single product, some multiple.  Does it support something like this?
  2. Can you run simulations against BPMN 2.0 flows?  
  3. One more side question:  Does ARIS support the import and export of BPMN 2.0 models?  I did some of this with Aris Express, so I just wanted to confirm.



Tags: simulation