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The procedure taken were:

  1. In Bizagi, validate the diagram and correct any issues.
  2. In Bizagi, export option to BPMN file, one diagram at a time.
  3. In ARIS Architect, through explorer postion in the destination group and choose contents/import/bpmn file

The results:

  1. Several elements of the diagram doesn't appear in the viewing version, they appear only on editing mode in Architect or Connect: activities, gateways, connections, pools and lanes. 
  2. In editing mode the gateways are presented as default mode (empty losangle symbol), even if they were modeled specifally as e.g. exclusive gateways.
  3. It is possible to make some elements reappear on viewing, by changing them. Some examples: making gateways exclusive, they reappear; activities reappear if they are made user task, services task, etc. In those cases connections start to reappear.
  4. Connections between gateways and between gateways and events never reappeared on viewing.
  5. Descriptions are many times weird including xml-formating-like parts in both editing and viewing modes.
  6. When exporting from ARIS and reimporting, those issues are not present.
  7. When exporting from ARIS, importing on Bizagi, exporting again and reimporting in ARIS suffer the same issues. In Bizagi those ARIS-generated diagrams seem ok.
  8. Diagrams generated by ARIS are imported as their original type. Bizagi-generated diagrams are imported as Enterprise BPMN.

 What I noticed comparing the BPMN files generated by ARIS and by Bizagi for the same process resulting from item 7 above:

  1. They are both xml-like files but very different.
  2. For example I could not find in the Bizagi file the type of the diagram.
  3. Bizagi file comes with several Bizagi elements mostly formatting.

My questions are:

  1. My understanding from the experiences above the ARIS-generated files are more BPMN-compliant than the Bizagi ones. Or is there as flaw in ARIS BPMN importing?
  2. Is there a guide ways or prerequisites for importing in ARIS, that could avoid the simptoms above?
  3. Are there technical standards in the BPMN file required to guarantee a seamless importation in ARIS? 
  4. Is there a way to validate the Bizagi file before importing? Better yet a program or macro to transform the file?
  5. Who did this before and could share experiences?

I am using ARIS 10 SR11 and Bizagi (Oct 2019). 

Many thanks for your collaboration.

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