I am new to EPC and am struggling with a few of the basics. One thing I would like to represent is the artefacts produced by a function. I have managed to do this with a 'Document' object, but an unsure if this is correct syntax (especially as a number of the artefacts are not actually documents). A specific problem I have with the document object is that I need to create a hierarchy of them and ARIS doesn't seem to let me do that.

For example, I would like a function (produce test strategy) which produces an artefact (test suite) and a function (test planning) which produces an artefact (test case). I would then like test suite to aggregate test case, so that test cases are children of test suites. Neither of these are acutally documents, but ignoring that schemantic the 'document' type works ok for this. The problem is that ARIS won't let me create aggregation/composition relationships between these documents.

Please could someone point me in the right direction here?

On a related note, one thing which would help is the language specification for EPC. ArchiMate, UML, BPMN, etc... all have published language specifications, but I cannot find anything for EPC. Does a specification exist for the language anywhere?

Many thanks!