Hi Support / Community!

While using the ARIS Professional version, we also have the wish to use ARIS Express in our company - potentially hundreds of users.

Problem is, that the normal user in our company is not allowed to download applications from the internet - all client software is scriptet and installed from our intranet.

Therefore we would like some suggestion on how to go about this. We see there is a express.jnlp file.

- are there other files we would need to use in order to install it from inhouse servers?

- we are aware that there are frequent updates - updating the .jnlp file on our server - would that be adequate?

- Is there an install package to be used / or is there one planned for the near future?

- Is it possible to use a dummy user and password combination to avoid having hundreds of our users to register? (I know it would look good on the Community statistics, but it is not very convenient for us).

Thanks for your replies and views.


Regards Carsten

Tags: installation aris express