Hi everyone,

I recently installed the ARIS Architect Version on my laptop,ARIS Designer server and ARIS Business Publisher server.
Now,Then i run “Reset model template” script on the root group or database in ARIS to reset the template for all the models in the database,
then i export the database to the publisher

My problem is that on the ARIS Architect and the publisher i have observe the following

1.Arrows are now dotted lines on most
2.Process Levels are missing
3.Applications Systems model – new symbols are touching each other
4.Location types – arrows are non-uniform
5.Skills categories objects are touching
6.Sentech Job model objects are touching
7.Operations Legal Appointments are touching
8.Organizational structure are touching
9.Business symbol is still the old one

(see attachment). Is this because I am doing it wrongly
Any help on how to overcome this would be greatly appreciated!

Best regards

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