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Does anybody know whether it is possible to create a single hybrid model type out of the BPMN Collaborative BPMN2.0 model type and the EPC model type?

I am trying to do this to satisfy two worlds; the architects need some EPC information (Risks, Location, Controls, KPI's) but we still want to model the process like BPMN 2.0 (Events, Gateways, Data Objects, tasks, subprocesses, sequence & mesage flows, etc.). Hence the hybrid model type. The reason for the dual nature of this notation is that some regions want to capture all the architecture information on top of the process while other regions want to capture the process in more detail for execution to a BPMS (Pega).

I have created a derived model based on the epc and then tried to creat a filter to combine the epc and bpmn model types and this hasn't worked.

Any help is appreciated