Hello, I am still in the early learning stages as an ARIS administrator.  Our user group is also new to ARIS.  Our library of models as well as our ARIS environment, structure, etc., was all done by third parties.  We are on ARIS Enterprise cloud, version 10.0.21.  We have a training database so users are using that to practice building their models and getting familiar with ARIS.  I received a question from one of the users that is an ARIS Connect Designer.  He wants to know if it is possible to copy a model between databases.  This way if they get the model built the way they want it in the training db, they don't have to redo it in the real db.  I have searched high and low, and the answer seems to be yes, but I cannot find any detailed documentation on how to do it.  I would also appreciate any input regarding best practices around this.  What options are there for copy/paste between databases, or is it an export/import function?  What role(s) should perform this function (Designer, or have to be an Admin?)?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer!

Tags: ARIS Cloud ARIS Enterprise BPMN