Hallo BPMN Community,

I have a question referring to BPMN.

I`m using the ARIS Business Architect 7.1 and when I want to modelling a process with BPMN, I just have 6 symbols to use. I can`t add new symbols! What can I do since BPMN Modeling should be able in ARIS B.A. 7.1?

Another question is the transfer of BPMN to EPC or reverse. How can I transfer the graphic notation between  these two methods?

Since I`m a new user in BPMN I hope for some advices.



Phong Dao

by Frank Weyand
Posted on Sun, 01/10/2010 - 12:28


regarding your first question: are you sure that you used the right filter?

Log in e.g. using the "Entire method", you should be able to see much more symbols.



by Phong Dao Author
Posted on Sun, 01/10/2010 - 14:55

In reply to by uro


I just checked the filter and the symbols should be all in the method? 

Just an inconvenient question! But how can I use "Entire Method"?



(Newbie) Phong

by Frank Weyand
Posted on Sun, 01/10/2010 - 21:03

Hi Phong,

if you right-click the database in the Explorer view, you can use the menu entry "Log in..." to start the login wizard (choose "log out" if you're already logged in).

In the login wizard, you are able to choose the filter and database language.

In addition, you can change your preferences in the options (main menu -> view -> options -> login) to specify this information, so they are automatically used to log in as soon as you just select a database in the Explorer.



by Uwe Roediger
Posted on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 08:44

Dear Phong,

one comment regarding the transformation. With ARIS 7.1 we released a new transformation technology. Based on this new technology with the Service Release 5 (end of January) there will be also a transformation from EPC to BPMN as part of the ARIS - webMethods integration. A transformation from BPMN to EPC is not planned so far but could be implmented by yourself using the tranformation framework.

But you should really think about it before you use such transformations. A transformation means alsways high redudancy and efforts to synchronize both side later when the are changed simultaneously.

Best regards


by gururaj jorapur
Posted on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 09:21

In reply to by sstein

Hi Uwe Roediger

I am working on ARIS-webMethods integration, as you mentioned transformation from BPMN to EPC is not possible. Also,you mentioned it can be implemented by using transformation framework.

What is this transformation framework? Where can i get information on this?

Can you give some info about this?



by Phong Dao Author
Posted on Mon, 01/11/2010 - 12:43

@Frank Weyand: thanks for this perfect guide.. I finally have more than 6 symbols to modeling a process :-)

@Uwe Roediger: so as your information says, at the moment you can`t transform EPC to BPMN but with the end of January it should be possible... my research at the moment is the difference between BPMN and EPC and a transformation could maybe show me some similarities or differences in a direct transfer.. of course there is always a high rate of redudancy during a transformation but I hope that at least the whole process and the result in itself  between EPC and BPMN should be the same.. 

by Uwe Roediger
Posted on Fri, 10/22/2010 - 10:11

Hello Gururaj,

the synchronization of changes between business process level (EPC) and technical process level (BPMN) is targeted for the next phase of the ARIS - webMethods integration. You should not expexct an automated transformation bottom up from BPMN to EPC. This does not make sense, because many changes on technical level are not relevant for the business process and in case of conflicts the user has to decide if and how a change in the implemented process should be reflected in the EPC. It is also possible that he discards changes coming bottom up, because the process implementation has to follow the requirements from business level, not vice versa.

Another topic is the first time import of a process from wM into ARIS and if it makes sense to transform this BPMN into EPC. We are discussing that point currently, but are not sure if it will be in the scope of the next phase. The reason is, that we are  not sure, if such a purely bottom-up generated EPC is a valuable input for the business analysts. First experiences show, that many exsting wM processes are described in a too technical languages to be read by the business guys.

The transformation framework is not an independant product but part of the ARIS Process Automation Architect. Therefore I'm not sure if there is dedicated information about it. Maybe it is the best way if you contact the responsible IDS/SAG person for your company to gather more information.

Best regards


by Madhu Shalini
Posted on Mon, 03/21/2011 - 07:58

Hi can any one tell me how to transfer epc to xpdl using aris process governance

Thanx in advance

by Uwe Roediger
Posted on Thu, 03/31/2011 - 08:21

The transformation from EPC to BPMN and the export of BPMN as XPDL is part of our Model2Execute approach. M2E is an add-on (cost-free) for the ARIS Business Architect (but also IT Architect or SOA Architect), but needs also CentraSite and webMethods Desiger and Integration Server. The next big M2E release is currently in work, end of April all involved products will be available.

Best regards


by pavani k
Posted on Thu, 04/07/2011 - 12:58

We are trying to do POC on ARIS-webmethods integration. Can some one provide info on what components of ARIS are required for this.

If some one can post instruction to do this integration or direct to some documents which has this information would be helpfull.

From Webmethods designer, there is an option to configure ARIS Process governance and to view the ARIS Process models in ARIS task view. Is this correct approach for POC.

by Puneet Kohli
Posted on Fri, 12/28/2012 - 10:35

In reply to by rwtcons

Hi Dr. Sebastian / Mr. Uwe,

We are trying to model BPMN processes in ARIS and integrate it with JBoss BRMS. We are exploring many options (viz. ARIS AML export, transformation technology, BPMN2 export, XPDL / XPDL2 export ) to get a format which is best compatible with other vendor's implementation tool.

Do we have some documents or pointers in this direction? We could not find much info on the export formats - their pros and cons, limitations, etc.

Thanking you for all your help.




by Uwe Roediger
Posted on Fri, 12/28/2012 - 12:18

Hello Puneet,

unfortunately there not such a documentation answering your questions.

The problem is, that the quality of integration between ARIS and other tools depends on many different aspects. For the two most important I'll try to go a bit into detail.

1. target of the integration: I assume you want to ARIS based modeling content as input for process implementation. The first question is, what ARIS content is relevant. Only processes? Do you start with EPC or BPMN? Do you model only the process sequence or are the process steps connected with other elements interesting for the implementation processes (organizational units, services, data, rules, screens)? The answers on these questions determines the methodical scope you have to transfer between the product and influences the decision about the export format to use. Also depends the useable methodical scope from the import capabilities of JBoss.

But it is also relevant how the different involved persons are working with the content in ARIS and JBoss. Will the content be changed in ARIS also after it has been exported? Do you want to bring changes from JBoss back to ARIS? If you have to answer yes to these two questions, you are suddenly in the middle of a round trip scenario. Such a round-tripping is not supported by any standard and also not out-of-the box by the tools. SAG has such a round-trip support, but only between our own products (ARIS, webMethods). Based on our scripting interface and with well defined strong conventions you might be able to implement a round-trip synchronization between ARIS and JBoss on your own, but this needs reasonable efforts. But the good thing is, that can implement it exactly as your project needs it.

2. standards: you also have to choose what export format you want to use. Of course you could use for the export AML (advantage: every information from ARIS is contained), but then you have to transform this format externally to get a format which JBoss is able to import. Or you try to use a standard like BPMN. Because the ARIS meta model is very rich the usage of a standard might lead to limitation. Also unfortunately is it our experience, that many tools have a proprietary implementation of a standard. So even using a standard like BPMN 2 (the ARIS export is 100% conform) could lead to different results in different products. It is a bit of try and error to find out the best way. With JBoss we do not have concrete experiences so far.

What I propose to you is the following:

Check what ARIS content is useful input for JBoss and can be imported there.

Check what formats ARIS and JBoss support for the defined scope.

Decide if round-trip synchronization plays a role for you.

Use a standard export/import or implement customized export from ARIS and/or external transformations to bring the data into JBoss.

You can also approach SAG sales questioning for our OpenBPM approach or you can ask our global consulting services for assistance.

Best regards


by Everton Vicente
Posted on Fri, 01/10/2014 - 13:58

Software para uso no trabalho


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