Hello Everyone,

I have been working on a report where there is a need to fetch list of assigned objects for a specific objet type.

The connection details is as follows:

Original active name : is process-oriented superior

Original passive name : is process-oriented subordinate

As per the requirement i need to list down the assigned objects with the passive connection.

I have tried to get the list using the below code snippet:

var arrChildProcessesObjList = processObject.getConnectedObjs([Constants.FUNC], Constants.EDGES_ASSIGN, [Constants.CT_IS_PRCS_ORNT_SUPER]);

But it is giving me the list of objects in the active connection assignment, not the passive.

As per the scripting manual :

"Constants.EDGES_ASSIGN: Only returns assignment relationships. A link of this constant with EDGES_IN and EDGES_OUT via OR is possible. (Default: Link with EDGES_OUT)."

But i am syntacticaly unable to perform the OR with EDGES_IN.

Kindly guide me on the syntax part. In case you think i can achieve the same output by some different approach as well, kindly suggest that.

Thanks in advance to you all 

Tags: ARIS Report ARIS Report Scripting