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I’m very happy that our new baby - the ARIS GRC Lounge - makes its first steps on the Internet.  At www.grc-lounge.com you find expert knowledge about Governance, Risk & Compliance Management (GRC).

GRC helps organizations meet internal and external legal requirements and standards. GRC comprises identifying risk-affected processes, risk documentation, assessment and mitigation, implementing an Internal Control System, and monitoring control effectiveness.

This Web site provides you with up-to-date Information on regulatory compliance, ARIS GRC features and customers, as well as current blog post from the community, and events. There’s also a nice flash movie on the home page.

Read expert knowledge about current regulations:

or about the newset ARIS GRC features:

Lear from ARIS GRC customers:

There is also a new GRC Mashup available on the Mashzone Galery server at www.mashzone.com. This Risk & Compliance Dashboard provides an up-to-date overview of the risk situation in the respective organizational units and the control test status of the Internal Control System. Furthermore, the issues created are shown with detailed information. Issue management helps to identify, process, and track issues early.

Have fun with the Web site and the GRC mashup!

And don’t forget to join the ARIC GRC group in this Community to share your thoughts with other members.

We also have a GRC Lounge in the exhibition area at ProcessWorld Berlin on June 8-9th. You can join me there and even win your own Nespresso coffee machine. For more info click at www.processworld.com.

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