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In today’s fast moving business world it is absolutely necessary to find relevant information fast and easily. Single point of truth doesn’t only mean to have all information well-structured in a central repository, but also to access it at the right time to make fast decisions. In the latest ARIS release 9.8 SR6 the search functionalities of ARIS Connect and ARIS Cloud have significantly been improved to reduce complexity and save precious time, especially for creating and saving search filters.

If you want to save search favorites you can first search for a certain term and use filters if necessary. You can then save this search filter by clicking the star icon and giving it a name to identify it easily later. The saved search filters are displayed in a favorites list, in which you can click them to open your results again. You also find predefined search filters in the favorites list, like “my processes” showing all processes you are responsible for. To make search filters even faster to be found, there is a new Favorites tab in the Portal view. So, you don’t have to navigate to the search area to find your results.


Search filtering has been enhanced by the option to filter for models. ARIS Connect Designers can now filter by model types and attribute values, such as the name of the model. You can navigate directly from the search result to the modeling environment of ARIS Connect Designer.

More filter options like “owner” “created on” and “last change” are now available for search filtering in ARIS Document Storage.

And even the filter options for collaboration have been enhanced. You can now search for users or groups.

Finally, you can use and save advanced filters to run tailored search queries and instantly find your information.

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