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I'm very happy to announce that the new ARIS10 SR12 has been released today.

With the new release ARIS has become a new simplified product structure with three main editions: Elements, Advanced and Enterprise. Along with these we also have new user types: Designer, Viewer, Viewer Pro and Admin. These extensions can be added: SAP® Solution, Process Mining, Risk & Compliance, Simulation, Robotic Process Automation, SharePoint Integration, Premium Document Storage and 3rd party Integration.

ARIS editions

Please visit ariscloud.com for a product overview, a feature comparison and easy free trial access.

Of course the new SR12 also includes new features:

  • New onboarding support for ARIS Elements
  • New landing page and app launcher for ARIS Advanced
  • Support of Microsoft® Azure® for private cloud deployments
  • Easy content capturing from everywhere
  • Relationship Management (Satellite Modeling)
  • Extensions for Process Mining and SAP® Solution
  • Improved confirmation management
  • And many others

For more detailed information about the new features please check the fact sheet or the presentation.

Watch the webinar Updates and innovation−ARIS10 SR12.

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