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In today’s fast changing world, business processes continually change and the need for transformation is omnipresent. This is not only challenging for those who have to adapt strategy and develop new processes, but also for the end users, who have to learn and practice these new processes in their daily job. How well this works is crucial for the success of the whole project.

The new and changing processes must be learned, and also need to be documented so users have a clear understanding of how to practice them. Kristina Kunad writes in her blog post: “A seamless connection or “handshake” between business processes and knowledge transfers is therefore vital for user productivity, efficiency, and empowerment.” She describes how the integration between ARIS and SAP Enable Now works. You can read the full article here.

The integration of ARIS and SAP Enable Now helps to train end users and ensure everyone knows how to work.

You can define training plans based on roles and offer comprehensive, process-driven trainings. Using training assets such as videos and working procedures increases user-friendliness and acceptance.

Finally, you can govern and manage training execution and synchronize business process structures with SAP Enable NOW. ARIS and SAP Enable Now both ensure better communication and training of end users including business processes and SAP knowledge at once. Read the article “Creating Synergy with SAP Enable Now and ARIS” by Kristina Kunad here.

For additional information on ARIS and SAP Enable Now, watch this video.