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Did you know that you can handle your GDPR compliance efficiently with ARIS?

ARIS is the single source of truth for all your processes and it is also the perfect tool to record your processing activities, which is mandatory in GDPR context. You can easily find relations between processes and processing activities, find out where and how privacy data is located and used and who is responsible as controller and processor.

You can collect all needed information using surveys, evaluate risk and finally perform data protection impact assessments for continuous compliance. Dashboards help you to keep an overview of all activities and the preconfigured reports help you to prove GDPR compliance easily.

Sounds good, but you don't know where to start?

That's why we created the GDPR Cheat Sheet

It includes: 

- some model examples that you can leverage

- some examples of the ARIS accelerators for GDPR

- a procedure model how to reach GDPR compliance

You find more details on the picture below or you can download the attached PDF version.

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