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Are you looking for an overview of all the ARIS Editions? Let me give you an overview what it’s all about.

First there are the Business Process Analysis editions or short BPA editions. They help you to design your business AS-IS, define TO-BE processes and create WHAT-IF scenarios. You can start your business process management journey with them and grow as you need. Over time you can add more functions, more users, more use cases and finally build a very sophisticated Enterprise Management System.

There are three different BPA editions to meet the different requirements and maturity levels:

ARIS Basic (formerly ARIS Elements), ARIS Advanced and ARIS Enterprise

Welcome to ARIS Basic home screen

ARIS Basic - Your start into the Business Process Analysis world

Second there are the Process Mining editions. These editions help you to measure how your processes are really executed. You can use the results to compare your business reality with the designed TO-BE scenarios. This makes it very easy for you to identify if your operations run like they should and also to find further improvement potential.

ARIS Process Mining is also available in three different editions:

ARIS Process Mining Basic (formerly ARIS Process Mining Elements), ARIS Process Mining Advanced and ARIS Process Mining Enterprise

Compare ARIS editions

Let’s now have a closer look at the different editions.

Business Process Analysis editions

ARIS Basic:

This is the starter edition and it provides all essential features for business modeling, sharing and optimizing your business processes. You can start very fast with a 30-day free trial or with a paid subscription in a shared cloud environment. ARIS Basic is ideal for 1-20 users, working in 1 database with 7 core model types.

ARIS Advanced:

When your project gets more mature, your requirements are rising or your team gets bigger, you might want to upgrade to the Advanced edition. It offers you more functions for up to 200 users that can work in up to 20 databases using more than a 100 model types. Also, with the Advanced edition you can start quickly with a 30-day free trial or with a paid subscription in a shared cloud environment. It brings you from a beginner to an expert level.

ARIS Modeling - Customer journey mapping

Improve your customer journey with business process analysis

ARIS Enterprise:

Congratulations! With ARIS Enterprise you can really call yourself a business process expert! Enterprise offers the full ARIS capabilities in a private cloud environment. No matter if you want to drive holistic business transformation projects or build a company-wide Enterprise Management System, ARIS Enterprise is your solution. It is also the right edition to add extensions for SAP® Solutions, Risk & Compliance, Simulation, 3rd party Integration, Premium Document Storage, SharePoint Integration, Rollout Add-ons and Robotic Process Automation (RPA).

For more details about the BPA editions and to start a free trial, go the ariscloud.com.


ARIS Process Mining editions

ARIS Process Mining Basic:

The Basic edition introduces starters to Process Mining. You can perform quick health checks of your processes with data snapshots and discover the hidden root causes that lead to inefficiency and delays in your business process landscape. You can start immediately with the free editions for up to 10 users in a shared cloud environment. Storage quota is up to 1 GB and process quota is up to 250,000 use cases.

Process explorer

ARIS Process Mining Advanced:

When you want to evolve from beginner to expert you will want to upgrade to the Advanced edition. it enables you to import a comprehensive collection of process data and provide process mining analyses to a wide range of business experts in your organization. You can also start directly with the Advanced edition for unlimited user numbers with a paid subscription in a shared cloud environment. Storage quota is up to 10 GB and process quota is up to 1 million use cases.

ARIS Process Mining Enterprise:

With ARIS Process Mining Enterprise you reached a professional expert level and you can now conduct enterprise-wide process mining initiatives and embed continuous process mining into your organization’s DNA. You can use comprehensive system configurations and multiple integration options with source systems (such as SAP®) to capture your entire process landscape and track process compliance and user adoption to process changes. Sophisticated simulations tackle all kinds of bottlenecks within your process organization. The Enterprise edition is available in a private cloud environment or on-premise with unlimited user numbers and unlimited storage and process quota.

Improvement automation

For more details about the process Mining editions and to start for free, go the ARIS-Process-Mining.com.

I hope you find this overview helpful! If you need further information, please get in touch.

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