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Make it easy for existing and new customers to acquire ARIS capabilities i.e.

1. Make ARIS modular:

Allow one to purchase modules so one can purchase only those model types and capabilities required for the intended purpose i.e. the ability to buy BPMN + FAD's, + ArchImate + UML. Pricing to be based on modules selected. Transparent pricing and affordability!

2. ARIS Marketplace

Find, try, and buy add-ons for ARIS i.e. Atlassian Marketplace. The ARIS Marketplace is a platform for ARIS customers to discover, try, and buy add-ons for ARIS. You can use add-ons to customize and extend your ARIS application. The Marketplace offers add-ons developed by both SAG and third-party developers

3. FAD Builder

The ability to add / edit ICOM elements in a form without assigning a Function allocation Diagram. ICOM elements:

Inputs / Outputs: i.e. all objects that can be used as input / output to an activity i.e. Information carriers, Data Clusters etc.

Controls: i.e. Objectives, risks, Requirements etc.

Mechanisms: i.e. Human actors (Org units, roles etc.) & Technical Actors i.e. Application system types and General actors i.e. Location etc.

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