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Some weeks ago, we asked you to vote for the best article of 2010. Check this poll to see the results of the voting. Again, we like to thank all authors for the great work they contributed. And please note, that are the best articles out of more than 2,000 articles published here on ARIS Community in 2010!

Most of the articles are not focusing on specific ARIS topics, but on business process management (BPM) in general. For example, Dr. Jordi Cabot is discussing about modeling social aspects in processes. Etienne Venter provides a hands-on guide how to select the correct BPMN diagram to use. And Prof. Rosemann elaborates on process management as a service.

As you might be interested to forward those articles to your colleagues, we have compiled a PDF document with all articles for you. Please note, you must be logged in to download the document.

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