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Today, we had the pleasure and honor to welcome our international ARIS partners to the “Home of ARIS”. 

During our partner enablement days 2019, 65 partners from 16 countries have the opportunity to participate in 15 topic-specific sessions to learn about new features and have vivid discussions with our ARIS experts.

Our CPO Dr. Stefan Sigg opened our exciting 3 days event with his key note speech "Some trends and thoughts related to our product portfolio".

CPO Dr. Stefan Sigg

He pointed out several trends and thoughts, such as the following:

  • Software is eating the world
  • Apps vs. platform
  • Brute force of big data
  • Predicting the future
  • No UI
  • Business vs IT

For example, "Software is eating the world" expresses that in the future, virtually every company will be a software company because the production of data is on the rise. More and more data will be produced, even by inanimate objects, such as chairs. Isn't it amazing that we can indeed expect chairs to produce data in the future? The question arising from this trend is whether the chair industry itself will still have a role to play in this data game. Well, yes it will .. as long as we can’t sit on data. However, the chair industry will not survive without boosting the use of software.

After Stefan Sigg's opening speech, Dr. Helge Hess entered the stage with his presentation “Positioning, go to market, and roadmap”. He challenged the partners to describe ARIS. The predominant term our partners used in this context was “change”.

This means that customers use ARIS to:

  • Transform their company and adapt it to change
  • Achieve operational excellence
  • Ensure their customers' satisfaction
  • Comply with changing regulations (their license to operate)

In other words: ARIS is the must-have tool for making change happen!

There is more to come… STAY TUNED!

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