Hi everyone,

Quick question (hopefully):

I have synchronized a project from Solution Manager to ARIS.  We have updated the EPCs accordingly based on our specific business functions.  Now I want to publish the models so that they are available to all staff for reference. 

When I publish via a Publisher export, all the folder structures created by the synchronization from Solution Manager are also published, which may confuse users who are not familiar with the Solution Manager/ARIS directory structure.  Is there any way to publish only the EPCs via a Publisher export?

I know I can choose to publish specific models as an HTML export, but since we have ~130 models,  it is time consuming, so I am hoping there is an automated way to select only the EPCs for publishing.

The other option which comes to mind is to create a new database containing only the folder structures and EPC's we want to publish company-wide...

Any advice you can provide is very much appreciated and thanks in advance for your help.


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