The object (function) has several scanned documents that must be added to the attribute of this object.
Please tell me how can I include in the Word-report the multipage pdf document, the link to which is in the attribute "Link 1" (type number: 152, name_API: AT_EXT_1) or in the attribute "Documentation" (type number: 4015, name_API: AT_DOCUMENTATION) of the object (function) on the EPC model.

Could it be possible to use Java to break the PDF document into pages, convert them into graphic files and put them into an array, then return this array filled with pages of the PDF document as graphic files?
Now I have a problem - when I try to upload a PDF-file from my computer to the report, an error appears: "The account used is a computer account. Use your global user account or local user account to access this server." Can somebody tell me how can I load a pdf file from my computer (Not in the Common files) to use it in the report? How to specify in the script my credentials to access the file on my computer?