When creating an object on a model from an Excel document, I use the method "SetSize" to set its size.
I create object on a model. For its creation I use data from the Excel file.
I use this code:

var oDoc = oGroup.CreateObjDef(Constants.OT_FUNC, xlData[i].NameFunc, nLocale);
oDoc.Attribute(Constants.AT_ID, nLocale).setValue(xlData[i].ID);
obj_Occ = oModel.createObjOcc(xlData[i].SymbNum, oDoc, xlData[i].cX, xlData[i].cY);
obj_Occ.SetSize(xlData[i].oWidth, xlData[i].oHeight);

But size of the object does not match the specified parameters. If I increase the width parameter, the object retains its size but shifts to the right.
Tell me please, how can I set the size of object occurrence?