I am trying to change the save location of the report file.
On Ariscommunity.com I found a topic "Path to Output File"  
But in this topic, an Excel file was used, and I need to output an XML file.
It's my code:

function outputFileToFolder( folderName, fileName, oData ) {
     var oFile = new java.io.File(folderName+fileName);
     var oOS  = new java.io.FileOutputStream(oFile);
     oOS.write(oData);   // Error: nullPointerException, because oData is empty

function main() {
var xmlOutput = Context.createXMLOutputObject(Context.getSelectedFile(), "Root");

//then I fill the file with content using methods "addElement" and "setAttribute"

//at the end I do this:
Context.addOutputFileName ("101.xml");

xmlOutput.WriteReport();     // it's default folder

var oData = Context.getFile("101.xml", Constants.LOCATION_OUTPUT);  // <- oData  // is null, because file "101.xml" not apeared in default folder

outputFileToFolder( "C://TEMP//output", "Data.xml", oData );  // it's my folder

But if I run this script without the last two lines,

   var oData = Context.getFile("101.xml", Constants.LOCATION_OUTPUT);  
   outputFileToFolder( "C://TEMP//output", "Data.xml", oData ); 

then the file "101.xml" appears in the default folder.
Tell me please, how can I set my folder for creation report by script?