Dear Aris Community,

Does anyone know what would be the recommended way to activate user audit trails in ARIS Architect/Designer v10?
I need an easy way to see the list of changes done on a certain object in ARIS.
So far I found how to display who did only the LAST change on a diagram. But I would need more than that. I would need the list of last changes (not only the last one).

Our team is getting bigger and bigger (including people with different level of knowledge) and we would need a way to identify who did what.

Searching this forum, the only thing I found is a very old macro that could be run every time when an object is saved:

There are two problems with that macro:
- It is more than 10 years old and I expect that it does not work anymore.
- I understood that that macro introduces a huge performance penalty. (The UI will be frozen several seconds every time when that macro runs even if we chose to not display a message.)

Hence the question:
Is there a better way to activate and display user audit trails? (Because, honestly, that macro is not a feasible solution.)

Thank you in advance for any feedback.