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Hi everybody,

as announced, Express 2.0 is released.

This is to inform you what's new in this release.

BPMN 2.0

A little "teaser" for that model type can be found here:

Now, we support BPMN 2.0 in Express.

Logically, you can import your BPMN models from Express to Business Architect also (since ARIS Business Architect SR05). You can also have a look at the new demo file for BPMN in ARIS Express 2.0.
You downloaded ARIS Express completely new or updated from Express 1.0? Well, then have a look at your list of recent models, and learn how to do a travel request :-)


Sebastian Stein describes the whiteboard model type and gives an example also:

A whiteboard model is used to record ideas and tasks and structure them the way you would with post-it notes on a flip chart. Imagine that the whiteboard has an area for recording the results of a brainstorming session. This model type will be available soon also in ARIS Business Architect. 


Read the article from our colleague Markus Werner:

Yes, spell checking is not only available in our enterprise tools ARIS Business Architect and Designer, but also in Express! If you open a model and create objects, specify attributes etc, ARIS Express is showing you typos in the language you're using.
Language? Yes, every model has a language property to make sure that you are able use all characters in the language you're working in. If you open a model, you can have a look on the model properties: there is an information page showing you the language of the model. And in your user options (View -> Options... / Ansicht -> Optionen), you can see, which language is chosen according your system.

Express supports spell checking for the following languages:

  • English
  • German
  • Dutch
  • Italian
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Russian
  • Spanish

By the way: this model language also is the language which is used to import your data into ARIS Business Architect.

Copy and pasting of images.

Something you might have missed for a longer time in ARIS generally. Well, we thougth, that's homework... now we've got it. If you've got an image in the clipboard, just paste it.

Integration with ARISalign

Software AG's new platform "ARISalign" allows you to create whiteboard models as well, in a collaborative way. The results of this procedure can be reused in a ARISalign process modeler.
You can download both whiteboards and process models to ARIS Express. Just use "Open in ARIS Express" for the whiteboard or "export -> Open in ARIS Express" for the process models.

Best regards,