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ARIS-as-GEM (ARIS, 2026 release)

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Needless to say that ARIS-as-Gem serves as life tracker, tracking the user’s life system. In the following primarily the business data-centered view is described.


ARIS will be available on the central command gem device. People wear the little ARIS jewel either as arm decoration, cufflinks, brooch, glasses accessories, etc.

 ARIS-as-GEM provides users with total information and control to one’s disposal:

  • Personal data (health data, social [media] data, central house control, automatic car control, etc.) as well as
  • Public data (areas of interest, purchase information, art market information, etc.),
  • Common data ([breaking] news, business news, science news, sports news, etc.), and
  • Business data (ARIS [management and execution steering system], work-related operating data, etc.).

Data are viewed virtually in front of the user and directed sound is shielded emitted to the user’s ears: “Virtual real world heads up display and sound awareness” (VReadiNess).

Here only an excerpt from the comprehensive feature range. ARIS-as-GEM is used to:

  • monitor the enterprise architecture based on the ARIS EA interfaces to the running system
  • analyse the companies’ value added chain
  • based on the value added chain, check, modify, and simulate management processes
  • based on the value added chain, plan and order services as well as production material
  • based on the value added chain, evaluate the requirement on personal resources
  • define, start and stop workflow processes
  • monitor and adjust the execution of logistics processes executions
  • integrate real time data in customizable processes in real time
  • respond on changes of economic indicators by adapting the based processes

either by/based on predefined processes and decisions or by the conscious decision and manual intervention by the user.

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