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The first teach of the new SAP BPX professional training for Professional has just been completed successfully at SAP in the Netherlands. This first teach was executed by Prof Dr. Mark von Rosing, Sven Roeleven (IDS Scheer), Christoph Gollmick (SAP) and Ann Rosenberg (SAP)

This 5 day SAP BPX professional training consists out of the following topics;
·         BPM310: BPM Governance interlink to the Business Model and IT Governance of the Company,
·         BPM150: SAP Business Server and Publisher, Enterprise Modeling, Process Optimization and 
          Performance using the ARIS platform of IDS Scheer
·         SOA120: New ASAP Methodology For Implementations Focus: BPM blending with SOA
·         BPM140:Model to Execution (SAP NetWeaver Business Process Management)
The training will soon be running again as classroom training or virtual remote training on following locations: Austria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, South Africa, Belgium, France and Italy.
The objectives of the second and third day: are to get into the details of the ASAP methodology framework and tools (ARIS) for executing Business Process Modelling, Simulation and Optimization, Process Performance Measurement and Process Publishing.
In the 2 days training the participants obtained the understanding :
·         on how to move between the different stages within the lifecycle of a business process supported by
          the new ASAP Methodology
·         on how to execute business process simulation and optimization, business process modeling, business
          process publishing and process performance measurement applying the ARIS BPM suite of IDS Scheer.
Cooperation IDS Scheer and SAP
IDS Scheer NL (Sven Roeleven, Frank Luyckx and Roy Diemeer) and SAP worked closely together to develop the BPM 150 training materials to make sure the ARIS BPM suite is integrated into the new ASAP methodology of SAP.
This cooperation clearly demonstrates that SAP and IDS Scheer closely work together to improve the SAP BPM methodology and BPM tooling, to make sure the BPM projects will be a success within the SAP customer organizations.
More Information on this first teach is published by Ann Rosenberg and can be obtained from SAP SDN BPX;:


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