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For the third time the Dutch SAP users group (VNSG) organized this BPM event. The SAP BPM framework was used to position the different presentations and the questions of the forum discussion.  

SAP BPM framework

The program consisted out of the following 3 parallel tracks: 

Track 1; Companies who are leading on the implementation of SAP BPM are sharing their experiences. Stedin, Kadaster and SAP covered topics like; What is the functionality of SAP BPM ? How can you use SAP BPM ? How can you maintain a SAP BPM roadmap ?

Track 2; Companies who are leading on the implementation of BPM are sharing their experiences. UVM (Universiteit van Maastricht), USG people and DSM covered topics like; How can I apply BPM within an SAP environment ? How can I integrate BPM / ARIS within the SAP implementation methodology ?

Track 3; Companies sharing their vision on the future use of BPM in a SAP environment. Several speakers covered topics like; What is the future of TOGAF (SAP) ? What are the future developments within the BPMS / ARIS environment (SOFTWARE AG)? What are the main issues within SAP customers to implement BPM (BPM focus group) ?


Key note presentations

The day was started with the key note presentation of Derek Miers of Forrester in which the BPMS market was explained and the current position of SAP was clarified.

Because of this event, Derek Miers had some additional meetings together with SAP and Derek’s main conclusion was that SAP should tell the BPM story better towards their customers and BPMS research companies like Forrester.

The day was ended by the key-note presentation of Ann Rosenberg (global BPM lead of SAP) in which she talked about her new book “real world BPM in an SAP environment”

She also gave a presentation on the use of BPM and ARIS PPM within the SAP organization and told SAP is using BPM/PPM in order to improve the alignment (maturity !) & performance of the SAP organization and the SAP products.


Forum discussion

The forum members represented the different parties within the SAP BPMS market; SAP (Ann Rosenberg), the SAP customers ( Toine van Eeden (USG People) and Hans Diepstraten(DSM)), ARIS/BPM (Georg Simon (Software AG)) and a BPMS market research firm Derek Miers (Forrester))

Picture: Mientje Paais (VNSG)

In the forum discussion the following 3 questions were discussed:

1 Product and business requirements management will determine the required business processes and ICT capabilities, how important is it for a company to have a CPO (Chief Processing Officer) to manage this alignment ?

2 The BPM maturity within many international companies is still low, how do perceive the sense of urgency within these companies to start with enterprise BPM(S) and the required change management ?

3 SAP is integrating BPM within many methodologies (ASAP), products (SAP business suite, SAP Solman) and SAP services (Business transformation services) how do you perceive the consistency between these initiatives ?


The main conclusions

The main conclusions were the following:

1 It is very important to have a stakeholder within the company board because BPM requires a change of culture, whether this is a CPO or a COO is not so important

2 The big companies are aware of the benefits of BPM and working hard to start a BPM roadmap and setting up the BPM competency

3 SAP is working hard to improve the SAP capabilities with the support of the management board of SAP.


Final words

Based on the reactions I received from the different participants of the VNSG BPM theme day, it was an enjoyable day in which content and pleasure was combined. The weather did not cooperated but all in all it was a day which we hopefully can repeat very quickly.

More information can be found at:

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