Hi, I am a new user and new to report writing so I apologise for what is probably a silly question. I have searched for the answer for quite a while but am struggling to find it and I know the answer I want would be in the cost time analysis report but am unsure how to view the code for that.

Anyway I am developing my report writing bilities in ARIS and having a lot of success extracting and presenting data from models using ARIS script by following and modifying the very helpful tutorials on this website.

The one thing I am failing to do is work out how to output a formula into an excel sheet so it is read as a formula and not a string of text. All I really want to do is put a sum formula into the bottom of a column.

How can I achieve this? My script works fine and im getting the correct formula in the correct cell but I don't know how to instruct excel to read it correctly from within my script.

Thanks in advace for your help.

Tags: excel ARIS script