We are using ARIS Connect server 10.0.9 service release and want to migrate it to 10.0.17.

Before that, I want to check what are the new features. What I understood is that by the rule of thumb the even service releases introduce new features ( 10.0.10, 10.0.12, 10.0.14, and 10.0.16).

I see that with every release in the documentation files, there is an "ARIS Feature Overview" which describes the new features for the release.

What confuses me, is that in SR 10.0.10 the "ARIS Feature overview" file describes the new features by every product - ARIS Architect, ARIS Connect, ARIS Aware, etc.(see attached file) But in the same file in SR10.0.16, the features are not described per product, but as Basic, Advanced, and Enterprise (see attached file).

So my question is where I can find a file describing the new features for every product like the one for SR10 or how to map Architect, connect, aware products to now Basic, Advanced and Enterprise?

PS: Is the "Release notes" file describing only fixes, not features?

Thank you!



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