I am implementing ARIS Architect with the Design server in our university and have this set up successfully with a good configuration. We have been working with ARIS Express but the Academic teaching it would like to begin the course on the tried and tested ARIS Express before switching to ARIS 9.6 (merely for the Simulate functionality) toward the end of the course. Though I would suggest he start the course using ARIS 9.6 I would like to try and satisfy his requirements. I know there is no means of converting an express file to 9.6 but it seems there might be some possibility for a drawn out process of export from express, import to 7.2 and export and import to 9.6.

Would this be possible?

If it is possible I would like to be able to examine the files created/changed in each instance and find a means of automating the conversion. It may be too much for me to work out but if it is feasible I'd like to try.

I don't have a 7.2 installer and it isn't available from ARIS. I would like an installer for only this purpose or, if nothing else, en example of a file exported from Express and imported to 7.2 so I could perhaps examine the differences. If anyone can point me to an old installer or provide one I would be grateful!

Thank you.


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