Hello community,

I'm learning how to use the Spreadsheet model type. One thing I notice is, when creating rows and columns it seems that you must pick or select a model or object for each header row and column. I wonder if it's possible to select a dynamic list of objects and models. What I'd like to achieve is the following.

I'd like to create a spreadsheet that shows attributes (as columns) of all processes (as rows). The attributes are a fixed set, however the processes are not. In time, processes can be added or removed, so whenever this happens, I'd like the. spreadsheet to automagically show an up-to-date list of processes. However, when it's only possible to manually pick processes, keeping this list up-to-date becomes really cumbersome. ;-(

My question is, is it possible, and how is it done?
Thanks in advance.

Best regards,

by M. Zschuckelt
Posted on Thu, 03/02/2023 - 18:17

Hello Harm,

Have you taken a look at Queries? In ARIS Architect you define them once and you can execute them many times. A query drills through your database from one or more objects you pick using any selection method - even the entire database or a group, if you want. You define the Query path from the start object to the targets via connections, assignments, object definitons, occurrence in models - whatever you need. The output of the query is a tree. You can use the definition elements of the query path and place them on a result table. That looks just like your spreadsheet models. You can also place attribute types as column headers and output attribute values of the tree nodes. It's even possible to edit attributes directly in the query result!

Finally you can save your query result as a Spreadsheet model, but you don't need to. You can just execute your query again on the same or different start objects.

by Harm Verschuren Author
Posted on Tue, 03/07/2023 - 09:45

In reply to by M. Zschuckelt


Yes I use queries a lot. Recently also as source for a spreadsheet (still figuring out the details though). Most frustrating currently is that any of mine query-based spreadsheets behaves very weird in Aris Architect. The spreadsheet created in Aris Architect which is created via the menu works fine. See both attachments.
Both kinds of spreadsheets works fine in Connect.

Any ideas what I'm doing wrong highly appreciated.


by M. Zschuckelt
Posted on Tue, 03/07/2023 - 12:04

Hello Harm,

The cell in column C is referencing column B, which you don't show in the screenshot. I assume it is a column, where you placed an attribute column for the object in column A. In this case your formula in column C needs an extra parameter pointing to the query object in column A. E. g. add ";A2" (without the quotation marks) as last parameter in the cell function. Without the parameter it will look for the superior object in the result hierarchy in the adjacent cell in column B, where it only finds the attribute value formula.

by Harm Verschuren Author
Posted on Wed, 03/08/2023 - 12:42

The hidden column contains a reference to the aris_item. One thing I didn't notice before is that when I hover over the cell with the error, the error reason is shown. The error is that the aris_item was not allowed by the method (i.e. excluded from the filter). Hence, after modifying the filter, the items in the spreadsheet are displayed fine. Problem solved!
Anyways, strange that in Connect there was no issue displaying the dis-allowed items.

Thanks for helping out.


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