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Hello community,

I'm learning how to use the Spreadsheet model type. One thing I notice is, when creating rows and columns it seems that you must pick or select a model or object for each header row and column. I wonder if it's possible to select a dynamic list of objects and models. What I'd like to achieve is the following.

I'd like to create a spreadsheet that shows attributes (as columns) of all processes (as rows). The attributes are a fixed set, however the processes are not. In time, processes can be added or removed, so whenever this happens, I'd like the. spreadsheet to automagically show an up-to-date list of processes. However, when it's only possible to manually pick processes, keeping this list up-to-date becomes really cumbersome. ;-(

My question is, is it possible, and how is it done?
Thanks in advance.

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Tags: ARIS 10 ARIS Enterprise