Hello !

I'm working on a report to ouptut an XLS file. I would like to merge the cells in the first row to do as in the following picture :


I did some research and I found this function : addRegion ( int p_nFromColumn, int p_nToColumn, int p_nFromRow, int p_nToRow )

However, ARIS doesn't recognize this function and I get this error when I try to execute my script :
TypeError: Cannot find function addRegion in object...

Here is my code :

var oOutput = Context.createOutputObject()
var selectedModel = ArisData.getSelectedModels()[0].ObjDefList();
createSection2(oOutput, selectedModel,selectedModel)

function createSection2(p_output, p_Models,array)
//Columns creation (p_output.BeginTable...)
//Rows & cells creation
p_output.addRegion(1, 5, 1, 1)


If I remove the function AddRegion, the script works and I get the same sheet as shown in the picture, but with multiple cells in the first row.

Can anyone help me please ?