Hi guys,

I'm new here so I'm sorry if there were any similar questions, it's just that I couldn't find them.

I'm writing a report that outputs an Excel file. Some of the data in the file is in Hebrew and some is in English.

Normally there is no problem, however now, in one of the cells I need the data to be written right to left.

When the data that is in the attributes is only in Hebrew, there is no problem, I just write it into the cell; however in this case there is also a number at the beginning of the text, therefore it places the number on the left while the rest of the text (in the same row) begins on the right.

I would like the number to be on the right as well. Is there a way of doing that?


Also, I cannot find the GUID/API name of the attribute named Identifier. It should have an API name as it isn't a costumed one but it just isn't there. I found the rest of the attributes I needed in the Attribute Types section under the Administration TAB, but this one is just missing. How can that be?


Thanks for your help!!!


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