I'm just about to create an Aris report and need to check whether the symbol of a given object occurrence (the object type is ObjOcc) is equal to defined symbol-constant. There is an attribute constant called "Constants.AT_PEM_SYMBOL_EXCEPT", but unfortunately it doesn't deliver the expected value.
To make my question more clear, I'd like to add a fragment of the report script:


for (var i=0;i<arrayOfObjOccs.length;i++)
     var objOccSymbol = arrayOfObjOccs[i].ObjDef().Attribute(Constants.AT_PEM_SYMOL_EXCEPT, nLocale).GetValue(false))
     if (objOccSymbol == Constants.ST_FUNC)
         ...   //do something     
      }  //end if
} //next for


I'm unable to use the Model.getObjOccFilter() (or similar functions) because I explicitly need the the content of the Array in the sequence as it is.
Does anybody know which attribute can be used to determine the symbol of objects or if there's any other possibility?
Thank you in advance for your help!
Tags: ARIS Report ARIS Report Scripting