Hi all,

I wondered whether anybody knows of a possibility to show a progress bar while macro scripts are executed. When I run more complex macros, the execution may take quite some time - e.g. for the recursive iteration through complete process hierarchies. As the whole application just freezes during the execution, it's very hard to tell whether it's still working or if it's crashed. Therefore, a simple counter on a userDialog would be sufficient to show that it's still alive.

An adverse factor (at least in my case) is that the script engine tends to crash quite unpredictably... For example, the very basic function Designer.openModel() sometimes grinds the whole Aris application to a halt, while after a restart, it doesn't cause any problems. On other occasions, it works, but takes up to about 10 seconds (in step-wise execution)

With regard to this issue, too, a progress bar would be very helpful!

So I guess I have questions:

  • Does anybody face the same problems?
  • Has anybody found a way to use progress bars?

Thanks a lot and best regards,