I am working with a client who has an enterprise license of Aris BPM.

The challenge is that we're currently developing several system architecture diagrams for him through Microsoft Visio 2016, the diagrams are mainly: software archticture diagrams, infrastructure arch. diagrams, API integration diagrams, data context broker... etc. and the client is forcing us to reflect them on his Aris.

My question is: can we totally rely on the "Import from Visio" feature that currently exists within Aris? If so, how does Aris treat the extra components that it doesn't really support during the merge?

Anyone has a previous experience in reflecting MS visio documents on Aris or even has a recommendation for us on this subject?

P.S: we as a company don't have Aris license and we can't use the client's Aris directly because we're offsite.. The merge should be either done through export/import or redoing all the work from scratch onsite.

Looking forward for any help or advise on this matter.