I need to test ad-hoc subprocess possibilities in various tools for my Master theses. The first tool I am using is ARIS 9 and I already run into a problem. I have looked in documentation, however, I cannot find anything what would help me. (In case you have found it, let me know)

I have created a process which uses ad-hoc subprocess. As I want to simulate it, I need to set some parameters or conditions when ad-hoc subprocess is finished. Between BPMN 2.0 attributes there is "ad hoc completion condition". I am not sure what and in which form should be written there. I would like to finish the subprocess when one of the subactivities is done. However, I am not able to add neither an end event, nor some kind of condition. This leads to simulation stuck in ad-hoc subprocess. I hope somebody can help me. 


Tags: ARIS Architect BPMN simulation university 
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