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Hi guys, I'm an ARIS scripting noob (bout a month) and I'm required to write a report for any EPC model that lists the objects in the model according to the order in which they occur in the model.

for example the desired output for this model:


if all I print is the Object name for each object, is this:
Approved app received from Vision

Update app on C2

Agent contact customer to take up product

interest rate monthly repayment calculated

Agents make customer offer

OR rule



Customer Negotiate term limit


In-store Card Product


Product created on C2

Product data with new rates, flag sent to vision

Preagreement updated and sent to printer?

now when I read the objects in from the model using the method 'currentModel.DFSGetNextNode();' I might get that exact output, but as soon as I run the report on a different maybe more complicated model, I get the kind of output where as soon as one "path" splits into two more, the objects come in an unpredictable order.

can anyone tell me how I would go about reading the objects in in the order in which those arrows flow?

We've been stuck with this for a very long time now and since almost no1 on the internet (developers) discuss ARIS scripting I don't have access to a very broad spectrum of expertise online.

can anyone help me with this please?

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