I'm new to ARIS and I need to integrate it with Idm (Identity Management) system. Basically I need to be able to read users and permission from ARIS to external system, and to create new users in ARIS\modify existing ones from external system. I've read that ARIS has no external API; is it still true for ARIS 9.8 ? I read that in ARIS 9 there is new 'Central User and License Management Component' component but wasn't able to find details.

  If there is no API than it looks like I should use 'scriptrunner' ( http://www.ariscommunity.com/users/shyoo/2011-03-02-how-implement-automatic-business-publisher-update ) . Are there any problems that I can encounter (e.g. it's impossible to create users from reports, etc...) ? Or is there any better way?



Ivan Artyukhin

Tags: ARIS ARIS Report Scripting ARIS script Reports script