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That's my first EPC in Express. Although I played a little bit with it before I just now realised how much faster it is compared to ARIS pro. I'm now impatient to see the hotspots and fragments released in the professional edition.

Regarding the process, it's a standard process for PB transformation project, based on AVE with a few minor modifications from my side. And I see the power of this community also in improving such standard processes. The suggestions in form of comments will be good but uploaded modified models would be much better. So, this is v.1...


by Sebastian Stein
Posted on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 11:40

Hi Ivo,

I was just scanning through your process. There are some abbreviations, which are not known to me. What do CSF and BPG stand for?



by Frank Weyand
Posted on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 14:33

Hi Ivo.

I think BPG is "Business process governance", right? That, I found out on my own... "CSF" is "Critical Success Factor" (I've seen it in the object descriptions ;-)

Nice process, anyway. There is one big thing I miss: the continues process improvment. With your process, you stop when the "to be" process is defined. And I think, that's what this process is meant for.

What is the next step?

After implementing the process (in an execution engine?), you can measure the "real life" behavior of the process... let's say by PPM?

Then, by analyzing it and comparing to the assumed data (duration for activities, costs etc) you can readjust your process... by refining it.



by Ivo Velitchkov Author
Posted on Mon, 08/31/2009 - 15:53

Hi Frank,

"The continuous process improvement" is not entirely missing, it is part of the product "To-be processes" and some early version of it should be defined within BP Governance model which later on from a project-based one should be institutionalised. In any case the name of the process and the fact that it's based on ARIS Value Engineering determines more or less its project focus.

Regarding "next steps", it's clear that this process covers (and not in detail) only Strategy and Design but of course and as I mentioned in the post, I'd be happy  if this triggers modifications, continuation and/or different scenarios of this process. I'm curious especially to see some best practices popping-up from the community regarding Implementation and Control.

Regarding the implementation in an execution engine, yes, great, but then how much of the currently working solutions worldwide are "produced" by process execution engines? 1% or that's toomuch? So, it sounds nice and is probably the preferred approach and of course the re-use, agility and so forth great stuff but then even going smoothly from process design to system/service design and then writing the code manually sounds old fationed theory but is still not popular practice.







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