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I have recently found a BPMN2 board game prototype that I made years ago (soon after ARIS Express was released) with the intention to include it in my BPM courses. For some reason, I didn't finish it and completely forgot about it. Now when I found it and shared a screenshot on LinkedIn, I was surprised by the enthusiastic response. So I'm sharing now the actual unfinished model here. If somebody decides to finish the work I started, that would be great. And if needed, I'd be happy to collaborate.

Here's the draft description:

  • Board with BPMN process, one dice, one pack of playing cards, four different colours tokens, 5 pieces by colour; 10 pieces of black bits (tokens of similar size, could be the same or different shape) 
  • Each player plays with different colour tokens.
  • Each node except gateway (?) is a valid step (when traversing according to the what the rolled dice shows).
  • The pack of cards stays together face down. A card is drawn when so instructed when reaching (not necessary stopping at) a gateway.
  • Each player starts and finishes with one token. He/she can use more than one only after a parallel gateway split but continue with one after all tokens arrived at the join. The player chooses which token to advance on each turn when moving between two parallel nodes.
  • When a token stops where another token stays, the latter goes to START
  • When a token stops on compensation event all tokens that are on the respective compensation activities go to...
  • Bits can be used to mark processed tasks in ad-hoc sub-processes